Lena Engine

With help of Artificial Intelligence supported projections and machine learning models, solutions and platforms can be smarter.


Lena Core Engine is a data analysis engine which supported by artificial intelligence (machine learning) algorithms that empower companies to extract information that can be applied to processes from their data. Lena, which is independent of third-party applications, can work on the cloud or offline and supports organizations to conduct their management stakeholders in an efficient way, as well as to improve the process stakeholders (customers, suppliers, project teams etc.).

Lena, which can be integrated into different software processes thanks to its platform-independent structure, is easily fused into the existing processes of the companies and can provide support to autonomous systems by feeding the software. The Lena Core Engine is used in enterprise solutions developed by Intellity AI.

Your Solutions Are Smarter With AI

Special designed and engineered AI alghoritms can produce solid projections and machine learning models.

Through the intelligent models, you can use what-if analysis and you can test your decisions with your data.

With learning models produced by Lena Engine, your solutions and software can be more intelligent. With this way, you can design autonomous software ecosystems.

Your Data, Your System

Do not afraid of locking into a single solution forever. Our 3rd party independent artificial intelligence engine fits to your every need.

On Premise

Our Lena Engine can be installed on your own server after life long license of the software and is then at your disposition for an unlimited period.

On Demand Platform

All algorithms are at your service, You do not have to pay, if you are not using them. Set a plan for your needs, control your processes and control your budget.

Software As A Service

Artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts are in self service. Analyze your data without and setup or integration process.

Interactive & Cross Console Reports

In a rapidly changing environment, business professionals have to reach their tools easily. Our business intelligence tools can be managed with various types of smart devices. It will be good preparing a report or checking company’s current status on the road to office.